Abuse in News

Abuse of the elderly is not a new issue at the international level. In fact, it has been recognized as a pervasive problem and it is a growing concern. Recently, there was a news reported in Seremban about an elderly resident being abused in a private old folks cum nursing home. It may be the first case that was brought to the authorities’ or public’s attention but, believe it or not, it is definitely not the first case happening in Malaysia, as elderly abuse is still an under-reported issue.

Although the act of sending our elderly parents to nursing homes is regarded as being ungrateful, disrespectful and lack of filial piety, with the high living cost today, the reality is that some of us are unable to cope between working and taking care of our elderly parents. Hence, nursing homes is a preferred option with the hope that their elderly parents are in good hands. However, over the years, we have heard of unfortunate incidents happening in nursing homes, in which the elderly residents are being mistreated, neglected, overdosing on medications, given improper meals and physically or verbally assaulted despite charging at a premium rate.

At My Aged Care, we will not allow such regrettable happenings in our place. In fact, we do not tolerate any kinds of elderly abuse. How is My Aged Care different from other nursing homes in Malaysia? We focus on elders being able to age-in-place and in a home-like environment by providing bungalows situated in residential areas. With a dedicated management team and a team of professional nurses, physiotherapists, care givers, cooks, drivers and cleaners, the family members can have peace of mind as their elders are receiving the best care in our facilities.

In addition, we provide appetizing and a nutritionally balanced diet for our residents to cater for their nutritional needs. We also provide round the clock medical nursing care to our residents, so that overdosing of medications will not happened in our centre. Here at My Aged Care, we promote resident’s autonomy by allowing them to customize their own daily routine and they are encouraged to continue on their own social activities and hobbies. By engaging in social interactions, common psychological issues such as loneliness and isolation can be avoided among them.

In fact, we most welcome you to drop by as often as you wish and visit with your loved ones here to ensure they are getting the best level of care and attention. You may also contact us if you wish to speak to them.

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