Family caregivers face financial and emotional stress

October 23rd, 2019

Stress is part of the package when caring for elderly parents. Most caregivers are in the ‘sandwich’ generation, which is the group of people struggling to meet the needs of both growing children and ageing parents, often alone and while holding down full-time jobs. They are more likely to experience stress financially, emotionally and health wise.

Financial stress can build up in a variety of ways, including:

  • Mounting medical bills for doctor’s visit, hospital visits, medical tests, etc
  • Cost of care-giving supplies (eg. durable medical equipment, incontinence supplies, food, etc)
  • Lost wages and missed career advancement either from leaving a job to care for their older adult or simply having to manage both work and care-giving careers

There is the emotional stress that family caregivers feel, and watching elderly parents decline and become unable to care for themselves is very hard on adult children. Additionally, lack of time and attention to their families (spouses, children, etc) is another very common cause of stress in the family when caring for elderly parents begin to take up the time of adult children.

Chronic stress can lead to lots of health issues such as depression, anxiety, hypertension, heart disease and other physical ailments. One of the most important thing you can do to keep stress to a minimum level while caring for elderly parents, is make sure you have an opportunity to vent.

Caregivers often find themselves confused as to where to start and what action they need to take to help provide care. Calling for a family meeting to help set a clear primary goal and  decide who will do what in putting that plan into action is advisable. In addition to asking for help, caregivers can look to professional caretakers. My Aged Care has a team of qualified physiotherapists and nurses to take care of your elderly parents. Our nursing care services are very reasonable and affordable in the market out there as we provide the first class in home-living care. Please contact us at My Aged Care for a free consultation.

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