Overcoming the Post Stroke Recovery Period

August 29th, 2019

Strokes, particularly among the elderly, may cause permanent damage. Therefore, it’s possible that your loved one will no longer move as well as he or she once did. Memory and thought processes are likely to be disrupted, so don’t be surprised if your loved one can’t remember the day of the week or even your name. He or she may also be unable to follow simple commands or answer questions. This can be frustrating for the adult children and especially the primary caregiver, but it’s part of the recovery process. It is inevitable that caring for elderly parents who are recovering from a major health condition like stroke can be all consuming and it can be particularly challenging for the family members as a whole.

After a stroke, one of the adult children may become the primary caregiver of the elderly parent. Researchers have found that a person especially daughters who provide care for the elderly suffering from stroke are more prone to suffer from depression. The primary caregiver spends significantly more hours per week providing care and this inevitably causes personal stress, mental and physical health problems, lack of sleep, less time to do the things they enjoy, less time to spend with other family members and more family conflict.

Deterioration of an elderly parent’s physical and mental abilities makes every day challenging, thus making it harder for a caregiver to get proper rest. It is critical for caregivers, especially in these situations, to receive consistent and dependable support and respite.

Returning home during the recovery period may not be the best thing to do especially when there are some complications that cannot be handled at home. Considering a good rehab facility or nursing home for a temporary period can be the best solution for both the children and the elderly parent.

My Aged Care nursing home is a safe place for providing around-the-clock medical nursing care for the frail elderly as well as offer hope and comfort for the seniors as we are also equipped with special equipment that can make your loved one’s life easier.

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