My Aged Care Nursing Home and Old Folks Home in Ipoh, Perak

Situated in the capital city of Perak, the My Aged Care bungalow in Ipoh exudes a cosy and tranquil environment. Surrounded by a carefully landscaped garden, residents can enjoy the peace and calm of the surroundings as they delight in a nice cup of morning or evening tea. Lead by a qualified nursing sister and a team of capable caregivers, residents can be sure to receive amicable care and attention. Our Ipoh home offers triple sharing rooms, twin sharing rooms as well as single rooms.

My Aged Care Old Folks Home @ Ipoh


No Type of Fees Single Room Twin Sharing
1 Long Term Stay RM6,890 per month (Inclusive of GST) RM5,830 per month (Inclusive of GST)
3 Short Term Stay (1 to 3 months) Flat rate of RM2,250 per week (Inclusive of GST)
4 Day Care Flat rate of RM350 per day (Inclusive of GST)
5 Deposit One and a half month fee applicable for long term stay residents
6 Medical Fee Optional as family member can bring along a full medical report. Fee will vary depending on the pricing as quoted by the appointed doctor by the home.


At My Aged Care, we provide a wide range of services that cater for the elderly