Nursing Home Services

At My Aged Care, we provide a wide range of services that cater for the elderly

Retirement care

Some seniors very much enjoy their independence but at the same time require some support in certain matters. My Aged Care offers this option to cater to those seniors who are still very autonomous with few medical problems. Residents can choose to live in fully equipped private rooms with the support of our staff in terms of food, laundry, cleaning services, social outings transportation, paying bills and making appointments.

Assisted Living Care

Seniors who are physically and mentally independent; may or may not use walking aids; do not need or need minimal assistance in activities of daily living can opt for the assisted living care preference. Seniors who are also semi-ambulant (require some physical assistance and supervision in activities of daily living) may have mild dementia, psychiatric/behavioural problems may also opt for this. Here, our team provides custodial care in the form of supporting these elders in their activities of daily living such as bathing, dressing, providing meals, transportation, paying bills, making appointments and simply being there to provide companionship and emotional support. Rest assured that your loved one is in good hands for at My Aged Care, we care like family!

Medical nursing Care

As our loved ones get older, they tend to require a higher level of medical care and assistance. It is natural to feel that sometimes, we cannot provide the best nursing care for them by ourselves. Seniors who are wheelchair/bed bound; may have dementia or psychiatric/behavioural problems; need help in activities of daily living and supervision most of the time can choose this option. At My Aged Care, our professional team of skilled nurses and caregivers provides around-the-clock medical nursing care for the frail elderly as well as offer hope and comfort for these seniors.

Respite care

My Aged Care’s respite program allows temporary residents to enjoy all the comfort and convenience of a short-term hotel stay coupled with around the clock supervision from our professional staff. Besides that, the center also has a broad range of services and activities that our guests can access.

Our respite care program is a perfect way for family members to travel, deal with other responsibilities or simply take a break from everyday physical and emotional demands of caring for a loved one at home.

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