Norshafizatul Arrifah – Head Physiotherapist

As the Head Physiotherapist, Norsyafizatul ensures that each new resident is assessed accordingly in order to identify their medical/ physical condition/limitation. Based on the assessment, a holistic integrated treatment plan will be devised in order to help each resident to have better Activities of Daily Living (ADL). Compassionate and diligent in the rehab area, she always integrates the bio-psycho-social model approach in order to engage residents in their respective rehabilitation plan to assure a holistic patient centered care.

Hor Chee Pun – Branch Nursing Manager

Sister Hor is our branch nursing manager of My Aged Care @ Ipoh and handles all matters regarding operations of the Ipoh home. With over 30 years of experience in multi disciplinary units of various hospitals coupled with her passion in nursing, Sister Hor is equipped professionally to lead our Ipoh team in providing personalized care and services to our residents.

Elean Woo – Sales & Marketing Executive

Elean is our Sales and Marketing Executive. She is a well-rounded Marketing professional with proven versatility in handling advertisement, branding and Mar-com as well as customer service. Throughout her 6 years working experience, she has worked hand-in-hand with sales on many occasions to implement strategic plans in different industries.


At My Aged Care, we provide a wide range of services that cater for the elderly

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